CONNECT is a unique event designed to bring together male dance students, families, male dancers, dance teachers, dance studio owners, and potential male students. 


Event creator Tanya Carne has extensive experience teaching boys, both at her studio Dance Action and

at local primary schools. Tanya is a passionate advocate for boys and dance, actively aiming to normalise boys and dance, creating strong supportive cultures both in the studio and wider community, and creating opportunities for connection, support and inspiration.

Tanya believes that the male dance community and their families will benefit from coming together to discuss challenges, celebrate triumphs, share stories, laugh, support and inspire each other.

Teachers, educators and performers have the opportunity to discuss how we can provide better dance experiences for male students, to encourage more boys into our studios and to retain them long term.

The event finishes by celebrating dance in a concert of all male performances – groups and solos from beginner to advanced students in a variety of genres. The event is not a competition, convention or promotional event, but a chance to connect with each other through talking, listening, supporting and  inspiring. Whether boys are training at a recreational level or elite level they can all benefit from this unique event.


To grow larger communities to support boys.

To create an environment of support, mentoring, inspiration and fun.

To bring together dance educators and dance professionals to discuss the future of boys dance.

To celebrate the male dance community.

To normalise boys dance.

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